Friday, February 6, 2009

Tigertree - Death To Pixels

Do you remember how exciting it used to be to pick up film? Or deciding if it was worth an extra buck to speed the process up 23 hours? Do you remember the days when grain added texture that wasn't mathematically perfect? We miss those days. We miss looking through actual photo albums. We miss the old, beautiful pictures of our parents at the beach or playing tennis with wooden rackets. I remember growing up wishing I could take pictures like that. The colors were always so vibrant. There was a degree of warmth I couldn't get on my camera and still can't get with my digital camera today. It turns out the camera was the problem!
We are proud to bring you cameras from Lomography that guaranty to provide you memories your kids will try to emulate with technology you don't understand.

First up is the Diana. It's a medium format camera which means you can blow up that incredible shot of your dog as big as you want. The pictures from this camera are breathtaking. We have it with and without the flash, both are starter packs that come with a great book that will help you learn the ways of the Diana as well as inspire you with some great shots.

The Holga is kind of a clut classic. Each one has it's own personality. You'll get over exposures, under exposures, light leaks... It will make you look like a genius. We have it in green and red and it comes with everything you need to get started down to film and (if you want to avoid the light leaks) tape. It also has a book for inspiration.
The Oktomat has 8 lenses that take a quick sequence of pictures. There is even a tool on the website that lets you upload shots and turns them into a movie.
The Action Sampler has four lenses that take a quick sequence of pictures.

Lomography is all about community, so once you get your camera there are micro sites for each on. People share pictures, mods and tips!

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