Thursday, January 22, 2009

Collier West- Unearthen

The fast approaching Chinese New Year (January 26th) has me thinking about becoming more grounded. I am an aquarius, an air sign, which generally means you will find me daydreaming about the time to come. With 2009, comes the year of the Ox, an earth sign and a quite aggressive one at that. Supposedly it is going to be a interesting year...but I don't need to advise anyone on that fact. Join me at Collier West, as I seek the purity of truth and the present moment. Next week we will receive the UNEARTHEN line of jewelry for men and women. I LOVE the tension between a bullet shell and the healing power of spiritual crystals. Regardless of your astrological sign, or beliefs....all signs point to the Short North to cure you of your search for truth, beauty, ...[insert noun.].

Collier West
787 N. High Street
Columbus Ohio 43215


  1. big pick up...been scouting these for a minute, $$$ though

  2. I absolutely love these! Would you mind providing the price for them?